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Dead Birds Adore Us Acoustic Show

So in case you haven’t heard the good word, we are playing our first ever all-acoustic set on Saturday March 28th. We went ahead and made a video to give you an idea of what to expect.

Dead Birds Adore Us Acoustic Show

We will be joined by Bizarre Noir and Fiber for this all ages event. Bizarre Noir was voted NUVO’s best metal band of 2014, but that’s only because “experimental demonic mind-fuck” wasn’t an applicable category. If that were the case, they’d win every year. We’ve played quite a few shows with these guys, and they are constantly getting better. More innovative, more weird, more bizarre. Don’t think you’re going to get a toned down dose because they are playing with acoustic instruments. You can check out their new album on the Bizarre Noir Bandcamp page.

This will be our first show with Fiber. We don’t know much about the band, but the music on the Fiber Reverbnation Page kicks some serious ass. Some huge tones coming from a 3-piece punk group, no doubt their acoustic set will rock too.

It’s worth mentioning that this event is sponsored by Radio Free Indy, Indy In-Tune, and Shine Indy. These guys are doing awesome things for the Indianapolis local music scene. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter… or to the store. Buy these gents a cup of coffee. If they don’t drink coffee, a cool refreshing glass of coconut water will suffice.

By the way, there will also be entertainment for children by way of face painting and magic! And we are the biggest of children.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP at the Facebook Event Page.

Until next time!

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Fall 2014 Shows

Hey ya’ll! We have a couple really nice shows lined up for ya this fall!

This Saturday we will be playing Joe’s Show, which is a benefit show for Joe Dane. This is going on from 3pm-10pm, all ages, and will be a great time. View the facebook event for more details:

Our next show after that will be at the Melody Inn on October 17th, doing original progressive rock a little justice here in Indianapolis. (Event Link:

First we have Simeon Soul Charger, a Psychedelic group from Akron Ohio. These guys reminded me of an eclectic Pink Floyd/Beatles (Sgt Peppers) swirl of psychedelic delight. A lot of mind expanding feel-goody happening here.

After that we have Black Grove, an intense, droney, instrumental progressive rock group from Indianapolis. Black Grove brings it in a way which is very underrated and under appreciated in the Indianapolis Music scene, but certainly not by us. It’s hard to do these guys justice with words, but here we go. Mind bending tones delicately woven on a psychedelic landscape of neurotic doom. How’s that? We love those guys.

And finally, we have Born Under Burden. The band remind me of Tool’s Undertow era, with a raw Deftones feel with blood curdling screams. The guys describe themselves: “The band, much like its music has grown in its scope and vision, developed in its complexity, and has become layered with the changes, odd times, and explosiveness that can only be honed in the crucible of time.” We have yet to see these guys live, but they make for an exciting addition to this show.

Sounds good? We think so. Be on the look out for the 7 eyed cat of psychedelic doom. He’s hard to miss.

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