Broken Beak

Reveal the sky as open eyes fill with dust to the lids
Attempt to heal the raging waves as they spread over all we know
Treated with ease bound and equally severed from a body I’ve been morbidly tangled around
Let me live, let me wander into nothing as I fly to the glow of the moon

You read my mind, absolutely
from between us and the rain
step outside the lightning straight into thunder
pressing on and always under the wings of a healer
you read my mind

Realign the eyes with our moon rolling back like caving walls
Too afraid to light the midnight sky we must find another way

Silhouettes sharpened by the glass inside my eyes
Take a closer peek
This oceans run too deep

Too deep to breathe to wash away our name
Too long to run, to fight through this unarmed
Too late to decide which lonely wave to roll in
Turning back once crossed my mind

Nothing but bone dry tables cracking my beak on the empty skulls

Covered in rage leaking of mold
Burrowing through what became of the aftermath

Chipping away cracking to pieces
Driven to put all the bones in their place

My beak is broken now

Dead Birds Adore Us self titled album cover

Album out now!

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Description: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal band with overtones of grunge rock and psychedelic rock.