You knew the wood was old and black and cold
and that darkness would never remove
We have a longing hunger so unmoving, the fear is so alive

So in that moment a light reveals a trail of blood
all eyes on you
all around you
you don’t belong here
the fear makes blinded pray of you

The lion, a deer in the headlights what he’s become
Run forth and bow down
By the weak and young you’re roaring
Broken you lie, bare naked, starving without your pride

You won’t survive with all your eyes afraid to see
You hear the banshee, you watch her dance, she’s singing for you
oh can’t you see now, your fear will become you

The fear will become you

Forward we run close to the edge of the boldest fire
Torn from focus, heavenly calm
flames in the window tempt you to come home

Out on the edge where the scream stays howling in motion
flaunting its grace, silencing hope

Dead Birds Adore Us self titled album cover

Album out now!

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Description: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal band with overtones of grunge rock and psychedelic rock.