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Tasty grooves: Kitchens talk music • Musicians talk food

Our very own Noah Miles recently contributed to an article on NUVO!

Noah Miles works at Bluebeard and plays in Dead Birds Adore Us:

Art, food, and music. That’s what it’s all about. These outlets coincide with one another allowing me the freedom to create in many different mediums be it canvas, amplifier, or plate.

I have a deep love for food that I discovered at a young age. I was weaned with hot sauce! I love working in a kitchen for a lot of obvious reasons. I get to work with great people — executive chef/owner Abbi Merriss, head baker/owner Charles McIntosh, the Battista family, as well as other great chefs that have left to pursue their own projects, not to mention our wonderful bartenders, managers and wait staff. I get to try new things on a daily basis as our menu at Bluebeard is ever-evolving. I am never hungry. We may fall in love with a dish and then change it the next day as ingredients dictate. I love the fact that we have the freedom to change at a minute’s notice. We don’t have to necessarily make the same thing day in and day out, which can become monotonous and wearing on the creative soul.

The same is true with the music I play in Dead Birds Adore Us. We can play anything we choose because we trust each other musically. We have the ability to create what we think is pretty A-okay, good old-fashioned Dead Birds Adore Us-style sound. We get together and bounce around notes until we have something to build on. Our songs come about by constantly listening and tweaking the composition until we are all in approval — and we may still decide to change something. It’s much like in cooking, where I can bounce ideas to the chef and fellow cooks to determine first the direction of the dish, then other key elements that support the intention of the dish until we have a final product — all the time tasting and tasting. I find myself learning from everyone as we come together to produce a greater good, weather it be in music, or food, or even art.

I enjoy painting when I’m not cooking or playing in the band. I am currently working on a horror movie series I will be showing in October.

With these outlets at my disposal I am able to exercise my creativity. Yes, I may work long hours in a kitchen, but when you’re in a good one, with people you trust, bleed, and sweat with every single day, you feel like you’re with family and that is important. The same holds true with a band. You wouldn’t spend all your free time in a van driving to gigs with people you couldn’t stand as a form of relaxation. No, they become your brothers and sisters. It is satisfying to know that what I make and send out into world is received and appreciated by someone in the way of food, music or art.

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Dead Birds Adore Us Promotional Video

We just released a promotional video on our YouTube Channel and Facebook!

The video includes footage from our show at the IndyFringe Beer Tent in August 2013, hosted by DoItIndy. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Progressive Rock giants Goliathon for one of their final shows (goddamn we miss those guys!). Not to mention, DoItIndy is constantly doing great things for the local music scene here in Indianapolis, including a weekly public radio show hosted right in our own back yard!

Here’s the video, featuring a snippet of the song “Banshee“. The video was shot with the help of Tim Hashko of Steaming Kettle, and edited by Ryan Sellick. Tim Hashko is an awesome filmmaker, be sure to check out his website: Steaming Kettle!

The point of this video is to give a taste of our music to people who have never heard of us. We want to share our music with as many people as possible, so please help us by sharing the video!

Also, be sure to check out the DoItIndy Radio Hour we mentioned before. They play all the best local Indianapolis music, so it’s a great way to find out what’s happening in the local scene.

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Pandora, CD’s, Dent Show, New Music

10888648_792104527533372_5898482306637436267_nHappy 2015 ya’ll, it’s been too long since we’ve given you a solid update!

We were recently accepted by Pandora! They are going to enter the entire album into the Music Genome Project, and it should be live very soon! The Music Genome Project matches new music based on a system of tags and categories. I’m curious what they will say about us! 😉

Also, you can now buy a CD on the website! Just go to the home-page, and click the paypal link under “Buy”, or just click here.

We are making progress on some new music that we are excited about. We are exploring a bit more psychedelic funky tones, and we can’t wait to share it!

Our only booked show at the moment is The Return of Dent, on Saturday, February 7th. The 200 pre-sale tickets have SOLD OUT, so your only shot to get in is to get there early and be one of the first 100 people in the door. We are stoked about this show!

As always, thank you for your continued support!

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Album Release Show, Lyrics Posted, How you can help!!

We had an amazing turnout at the Rockhouse Cafe this past weekend! We hope everyone had a great time, and that you are all enjoying the new album!

In addition to releasing the physical CD,  you can now purchase the album on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby, eMusic, just about wherever you like! Also, you can now follow us on Spotify!

Soon, we will upload the songs in their entirety on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

AAAAND the lyrics for the entire album are posted on the website!!!

We can still use your help! Please share our music as much as possible, and be sure to post reviews online wherever you can! You can post a review here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/deadbirdsadoreus

Thanks again for all the support!

(Photo credit: Elvis Mires)

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Live at the Mel

As usual, we had a fun show last night at the Melody Inn… with our friends Bizarre Noir, no less!  It had been over a year since we’ve seen those guys, and they have come a long way, even voted best metal band in Indianapolis for 2014! Congratulations to those guys!

In other news, the album is currently in production.  We should have them delivered by the beginning of August.  We are thinking about an October release date, just so that we can throw a great release event for our fans and supporters.

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